We’re changing the reservations game for good

We’re flipping the business of bookings to bring more business to your restaurant. this website

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How it works

Customers pay your restaurant upfront to reserve their seat during the most in-demand times to dine.

You control how much each seat is worth, at what time. The busier you get, the more customers pay you to book a time they really want.

Here’s the best part.

You pay 0 fees. Yep. Zero.

More money, eliminating

We help you make more from every seat or table, even during your busiest times. Customers pay you a deposit to secure the best bookings. So “no-shows” are never a problem. And your average check goes up because our customers typically spend more. What’s not to love?

Say no to crazy fees
for good.

Call it a win-win-lose. Who loses? Those other guys who charge outrageous fees just so your customers can make a reservation. On your own website. Does that make sense to you?

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Bookings that benefit
you, not just us

With Fyllan, you’re in control. You list as many seats as you want. You set the minimum for each seat. You decide which days to offer specials. It’s all you, baby.

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How Fyllan Works for You

People find your restaurant through the Fyllan app, book through it and pay. You are guaranteed the revenue and the customer pays all fees.

Eliminate No-Shows.

Incremental Revenue.

Guaranteed Bookings.

Save Time.

Higher Average Ticket.

Dynamic Pricing.