About Us

Going big for small businesses.

At our core, Fyllan is all about giving small businesses the tools to do more — get more customers, grow more sales, make more money and support more of your local community. Starting a business, any business, is a ton of hard work without any guarantee of success. We’re here to make it a bit easier.

Making your time work

harder for you.

We believe your most valuable commodity is time. You’ll never be able to make more of it. But you can make the most with what you have. That’s where Fyllan comes in. Our platform maximizes your time — and profits — by giving you a better way to monetize your existing hours. On Fyllan, customers pay you to book the most desirable or convenient times to come into your business.

We don’t profit unless you do.

Far too often, the digital economy has produced venture-backed businesses whose success depends on the labor of the little guys. Fyllan is different. Our very business model depends on making our customers more money. When you succeed, so do we. It’s that simple.

Empowering the beating

heart of America.

We believe local businesses are the heart of every community. When small businesses thrive, so does the community, and vice versa. A portion of every transaction on Fyllan goes to support local charities. We’re also lending our technology to nonprofits to help drive their fundraising events, while connecting local businesses with local causes that are improving their communities.

Accessible and affordable

for everyone.

We believe that technology should be an equalizer and a driver of social change. But it can only be a transformative force for good when it’s made available to everyone. We’re passionate about making our platform accessible for all, not just for those with deep pockets. That’s why we never charge subscription or per cover fees.

Learn How Fyllan Works for You

People find your restaurant through the Fyllan app, book through it and pay. You are guaranteed the revenue and the customer pays all fees.

Eliminate No-Shows.

Incremental Revenue.

Guaranteed Bookings.

Save Time.

Higher Average Ticket.

Dynamic Pricing.