LOVE to EAT, but HATE to WAIT?

Do you HATE waiting for a table?

Hate finding a restaurant that has an available table?

Hate calling to make sure they can seat your entire party?

Don’t reserve, Fyllan!

Aren’t you tired of trying to reserve a restaurant, just to be told it’s not available when you want to go? No, I’m not interested in your next available slot at 10 pm. You’re an adult, eat when you want to eat.

Who wants to call ahead? It’s called technology and we have it. The quicker the better. Book a seat in less than 1 minute with Fyllan.

Are you a foodie? Do you love cooking and knowing more about how that incredible dish was created? Fyllan has a “meet the chef” feature where we can get you access to your favorite chefs.

Celebrating a special occasion or just travel with a huge posse at all times? Hard to find availability for you and your all your besties? No worries. You can instantly book an available restaurant that can seat your entire entourage when you want to come in. No more hoping and waiting that they can accommodate your large party. 

Let’s be honest. The worst part of eating out is the waiting. Your time should be spent enjoying the food and spending time with your friends, not waiting to be seated some time in the near distant future. You control your time with Fyllan.

How do I start saving my time and money?

1. Download Fyllan App from App Store or Google Play – Links below.

2. Find your favorite restaurant near you.

3. Pick a date and time and how many people are coming with you.

4. Confirm the total amount of money – remember, you will have this MINIMUM amount of money as a credit at the restaurant. Most of the restaurants will even have a Fyllan special Monday through Thursday. Free dessert or appetizer. 

5. Pay for your bookings with a credit card.

6. Show up at restaurant and enjoy your meal, make sure you tell them you used Fyllan and show them your QR code for the credit.

7. Enjoy your friends and family and great food.

8. Pay the remainder of the bill with your credit card and don’t forget to tip on the total amount of the meal, not just the remainder.

9. Tell all your friends how much time and money you saved by using Fyllan.

Download the app